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Current Mt. Charleston Weather Conditions

Last Updated on 20:51:03 September 19, 2018. Updates in seconds.
Mt. Charleston Weather Tonight: Clear
48.8 °F
Feels Like: 41.4 °F
Clear, with a low around 42. West northwest wind 3 to 7 mph.
  • Temp. Trend-3.3 °F/hr
  • Humidity21 %
  • Dewpoint10.5 °F
  • Wind Chill48.8 °F
  • High Temp70.5 °F at 12:08
  • Low Temp42.8 °F at 01:30
  • Cloud Base8704 ft AGL

About Mt. Charleston

Located in the Spring Mountains of Southern Nevada, Mt. Charleston is a year-round getaway for residents and visitors of Las Vegas. With a multitude of hiking trails, a ski resort and almost 200 camp sites, Mt. Charleston is a great, relaxing alternative to the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.

Mount Charleston is named for the highest peak in the area. With an elevation of 11,916 feet and being separated from other peaks from large, low basins, Charleston Peak is the most topographically prominent peak in Nevada.

Mt. Charleston weather is very unique compared to the surrounding desert areas. In the summer months, the weather on the mountain is around 20 degrees cooler than the city. The Mt. Charleston weather average yearly high temperature is just under 60 °F and the average low temperature is around 32 °F. Mt. Charleston typically has areas of snow for more than half of the year.

From the great Mt. Charleston weather to year-round activities for all, Mt. Charleston should be on everybody's list to visit.

Upcoming Daily Temperatures

Upcoming Daily Temperatures


Current Speed 2.0 mph Avg. Speed Past 10 min. 3.0 mph Avg. Speed Today 2.0 mph
Current Direction 260° W Avg. Direction Past 10 min. 213° SSW Avg. Direction Today 205° SSW
Wind Run Today 41.9 miles High Gust Past 10 min. 4.0 mph High Gust Today 21.0 mph at 15:07


Rainfall Today 0.00 in Rainfall Rate 0.00 in/hr
Rainfall Last Hour 0.00 in Rainfall Yesterday 0.00 in
Rainfall This Month 0.85 in Rainfall This Year 18.23 in


Barometer 29.744 in Pressure Trend +0.027 in/hr
Highest Pressure Today 29.745 in at 20:48 Lowest Pressure Today 29.645 in at 16:30

Sunrise / Sunset

Sunrise 06:28 Dawn 06:02 Moonrise 15:59
Sunset 18:45 Dusk 19:11 Moonset 01:21
Day Length 12:17 Visible light today 13:09 hours Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous
There will be 2min 17s less daylight tomorrow. 78% of the Moon is illuminated.
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