Mt. Charleston Weather

Current Weather, Forecast, and Live Webcam for Mount Charleston, NV

About the Weather Station at Mt. Charleston

Mt. Charleston Weather is a private weather station located in the Lee Canyon area of the Spring Mountains range. The coordinates are 36.334557,-115.657926 with an elevation of 7970 feet. View the location here.

The weather station is 100% solar powered and provides 24/7 live weather data along with webcam access. The station is a Davis Vantage Pro2 which transmits data to a fit-PC3 running Cumulus v1.9.4. The Toshiba IK-WB80A webcam provides daytime images of the weather which are updated every 10 minutes.

Having no available access to a power grid has forced the design of an efficient yet reliable alternative energy system. The entire system consumes less than 18 watts during the day and 10 watts at night.

100% Solar Powered - 12.5 volts

Mount Charleston Solar

Nevada D.O.T.