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Aerial Mulch Operations in Progress at Mt. Charleston

The Carpenter 1 wildfire burned over 27,000 acres of land which makes the area prone to heavy runoff when it rains.  The soil got so hot in areas that it has become impermeable to water.

Starting on September 20th, Forest Service crews will cover approximately 400 acres of the burned area with weed-free straw which will be dumped by helicopter.  The process will take place in the areas around the Rainbow subdivision. Officials state that the operation will take about a week and cost around $1.5 million which gets paid by federal emergency funds.

The mulching plan is designed to replace the burned vegetation and will reduce runoff and protect seeds already in the soil. Other plans include cleaning out and improving drainage structures near roads and trails along with an Army Corps of Engineers project designed to divert water away from sensitive areas of Mt. Charleston.

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